It’s Not Talent. It’s Hard Work.

In the spirit of being for something, not against something (even though complaining about stuff we don’t have is super-fun), here are some good tips for people trying to make movies, TV, short films, or just about whatever, that focus on making the best of what you’ve got to work with.

No talent required. Just hard work.

The Road To Reinvention coverRaindance’s Elliot Grove recently chatted with the Canadian branch of the organization, which is a good reason to check out some indie film tips from the ex-pat Torontonian.

And following on that idea that you can do more with less, or less than less if that’s what you’re working with, we’re going to be checking out Josh Linkner’s book “The Road To Reinvention” for more motivation to get out there and disrupt some industries with little more than some elbow grease and know-how.

Millennial Workplace Tips to Help Create Meaningful Projects

Being millennials, or close to it in the grey area between Generations X and Y, we often find ourselves reading all about how entitled we should be feeling, how we’re terrible to work with, and how creative we can be in the workplace.

One such article that’s crossed our path recently comes from Fast Company, titled “4 Tips To Help Millenials Find Meaningful Work.”

While it’s a good read about what makes work meaningful, or what makes one place better than another to work at (for any generation, really), I think the tips included in this article apply to creating content. These four tips are from the Fast Company article and I’ve added my own take on them here.

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