About Us

Jeff and Sally

Photo by Jeff Nelson

The Edmontonian Media Company sort of started in 2009, with the launch of theedmontonian.com, a hyper-local news and event website in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Over 2 years, we posted hundreds of items about Edmonton, and produced a number of video projects, including an award nominated 6-part public access series and several of our own webcast franchises.

In 2011, we traded our news hats for scripted-comedy hats (totally a thing, look it up) and have been found ourselves fascinated by the intersection of digital media and old school television ever since.

In other news, we were nominated for a screenwriting AMPIA for our web series pilot, “Startups“; we worked on an app for the Edmonton film community; we released a new show featuring very funny standup comedians; and we’re also working on a pretty sweet movie of the week script for Scott Bakula (so if anyone knows Scott Bakula, be a pal and send him our way).

Your friends,

Jeff & Sally.