April Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy logoThis April we challenged ourselves to write every day in the goal of completing a feature-length movie script each. While we both didn’t succeed, the month was a success.

Based on the old Script Frenzy idea from the good folks behind NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month (it’s November), it used to be a similar event in April of each year where they asked writers to craft a 100-page screenplay between April 1 and 30. The event no longer runs in the spring, but Sally pitched it as a good way to finish a couple of our bigger ideas.

Being interested in sitcoms and *webcoms, that is, comedy based in television-esque length and format, we often come up with ideas that fit that model. We do, however, find ourselves with some ideas that could suit themselves to a short, a sketch, or even a full-length movie. I’m sure it’s much the same for other writers and content creators; that you’ve got ideas all over the place and in many different forms and genres. So, we decided to write a movie script each in April.

By the end of the month neither of us had a 100-page screenplay. We failed our Script Frenzy. But we created a heck of a lot in April.

Sally actually got into more of a Code Frenzy and built a web app for her fellow cubicle dwellers, started work on another app, and did some writing. I finished a screenplay but it’s only 73 pages long and very much a first draft that will need re-writes, edits, and punching up. We also began a new hacking project.

The driving force of working a little every day is to thank for a busy month. I know, for me, it was a motivation to achieve a page count every day (I aimed at 3) and it forced me to sit down and write. I probably could have kept writing once I finished my first draft, but I’m happy to step back and edit it now rather than hit the 100 page target by just jamming in more scenes without taking time to fit them in right. (I also wrote an episode of a new web series idea, so I’m happy with my page count for the month.)

I’ve struggled with sitting down to actually work on the things I say I want to work on, so April’s motivation, and the fact I have the longest thing I’ve ever written ready to be edited, have put me into a new mindset. I used to wait for inspiration to hit, and use that as a reason not to be writing. This month has given me new motivations and new insights into getting work done.

Script Frenzy is dead. Long live Script Frenzy!

*this term is going to catch on