Obstacles - house shootAfter producing a couple of our own things, we wanted to try our hand at producing someone else’s project. Lucky for us, we met a lovely lady by the name of Geeta Sehgal at Yegfilm and it just so happened she was writing a short about an anxious woman who had to confront one of her fears by crossing a bridge high above an Edmonton ravine to support her friend’s exhibit opening.

Geeta’s script arrived soon after we mentioned our interest in producing and we were off and running. Of course, this meant trying to standardize the process and forms we had begun crafting and putting to use on our pilot episode of Startups. Our challenge was to make sure the things we were doing as a duo would make sense to someone else working on the project and help us all accomplish the goal of bringing Geeta’s idea to screens.

More about what we learned, and the movie itself, after the jump.

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April Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy logoThis April we challenged ourselves to write every day in the goal of completing a feature-length movie script each. While we both didn’t succeed, the month was a success.

Based on the old Script Frenzy idea from the good folks behind NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month (it’s November), it used to be a similar event in April of each year where they asked writers to craft a 100-page screenplay between April 1 and 30. The event no longer runs in the spring, but Sally pitched it as a good way to finish a couple of our bigger ideas.

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Collaborating on Global Visions

Edmonton is home to Canada’s longest-running documentary film festival.

Global Visions globe logoIt’s gone through a few name changes over the years and this year the Global Visions Film Festival is expanding to show more movies than ever.

This post serves three purposes. The first is to mention that Global Visions begins Thursday, May 8 and is almost definitely going to have something you’d like to see.

The second and third reasons for this post after the jump!

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Finding New Ways To Produce And Distribute

Every system has two sets of rules: The rules as they are intended or commonly perceived, and the actual rules (“reality”). In most complex systems, the gap between these two sets of rules is huge. – Paul Buchheit, Applied Philosophy, a.k.a. “Hacking”

The middle-ground of Canadian film and television (and web video), and just about any industry or system, is a fascinating area where innovation lies in wait. While we aren’t going to proclaim ourselves the ones about to change everything that you know, we are interested in exploring what lies in and outside of the rules of producing in Canada.

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The Startups table read in June 2012. Lots of fun, lots of tea.

We’ve just posted the pilot episode of Startups, which is the first episode of a web series (or webcom*) we began working on last year. Watch it and let us know if you’d be interested in seeing more content like this.

We started writing almost a year ago, and were thinking of shooting all 4 episodes before we decided we still didn’t know enough to pull off a whole series. So, we scaled things back to just the pilot.

Scaling back may mean we don’t ever get to see who wins $10,000 from the investors (spoiler: the scripts are all posted under the “Why Did You Make It” tab on the Startups page) but it allowed us to focus on the writing, acting, production, and editing in more detail. Our goal is to keep learning as we make things, so we can get to a place where we can rip off a whole web series in one shot, or something even bigger, and not worry about everything being out of focus.

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Startups: Twitter list

We had an absolute blast shooting Startups over a weekend in January. And we were lucky to land a veritable who’s who of Edmonton to trap in an elevator as our investors. Working on Startups was a breeze with all of these great people involved. They were professional, passionate, and hilarious.

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From The Idea Jar…

Here’s what could be a routine post for us, because we love to share and we have an actual jar full of our ideas. The jar:

Idea Jar

Whenever we think of a new idea for a show or a sketch or even something funny or weird that we could use later we write it down and stick it in the jar. Often we will say out loud “Put it in the jar!” The jar is pretty full, so we thought it would be fun to post ideas here. You are encouraged to take one and run with it.

M Night Shymalans

Our first idea from the jar is:

A sketch troupe called the “M. Night Shyamalans.”

The group would always end their sketches with a twist. We thought the pressure to come up with so many twists for all those sketches would certainly cause the troupe’s members stress.

Do with that what you will. And let us know if it gets your creativity flowing.