Bill & Sons Towing

Bill and Sons keychains

Hey friend-os, we have some homework for you.  In a week or two, we’re going to be posting an interview with Mark De Angelis, one half of the team behind the best Canadian-television-comedy-that-isn’t-actually-even-on-television, Bill & Sons Towing (the other half of that team is Charles Ketchabaw, in case you’d like to follow them both on Twitter now, before they’re so intolerably famous that they’re tweeting nonsense like this). Mark is a smart, funny dude with a lot of great insights about comedy writing that you’ll be super interested in, and I’m not even saying that because he plied me with the keychains you see pictured.

Anyway, while you wait for me to finish said interview, you can prepare yourself by watching Bill and Sons in its hilarious, glorious entirety.

And when that’s done, you can also check out Mark and Charles’ first web series, the charmingly offensive Axe Lords.