Vimeo Video School

Yeah, this one was probably a no-brainer for you Vimeo hipsters, but I roll old school YouTube, and was very pleasantly surprised by the stuff was I’ve been able to pick up from Vimeo’s extremely well-produced Vimeo’s Video School series. My personal favorite was the above video on understanding and achieving depth of field (Samsonite and I are thinking about trying some DSLR shooting) – but whatever your poison, there’s a ton of stuff within these 66 videos, useful whether you’re shooting DSLR, standard HD or even just on your cell phone (which reminds me, we just got an Olloclip, so look for a post about that soon).

iTunes me? iTunes U!

i tunes adMany, many years ago, when I was young and relevant, I attended a real, actual film school, where I did real actual things like shoot on film, edit on the professional equivalent of two VCRs daisy-chained together, and use this to generate credits. The year was 1997, Third Eye Blind was on the radio, and I wanted desperately to be a filmmaker, so I did the obvious thing and went to film school.  The world was different then – it made sense to follow the appropriate career path – go to school, work as a PA, get into a union, pick your department of choice, get promoted, etc. Continue reading