Happy Canada Day

To celebrate another year of Canada, let’s take a moment to recognize an unapologetically Canadian movie.

Bon Cop, Bad Cop.

We don’t see enough movies that aim for a larger audience while actually taking place in Canada. Too often in Canadian film and TV the action happens in fake U.S.A. or Generic, City.

While Bon Cop, Bad Cop won’t be held to the highest lauding of film critics it is a good buddy cop movie (a Canadian bromance, perhaps). It just happens to take place in Canada. We recommend pouring yourself a glass of maple syrup and enjoying Colm Feore and Patrick Huard channel their inner Riggs and Murtaugh.

Have a great Canada Day!

Also, let us know some of your favourite Canadian movies where the setting is the true north strong and free.

We’re planning a redesign!


Please forgive the appearance of our website. Both Jeff and I are currently spending too much time in the real world working on other projects and not enough time in the INTERNETS, so things around here are really falling apart. The theme is falling out of date and we have like 800 spam comments in Japanese(my sincerest apologies if we’re misreading something and have finally become huge in Japan).

We’re strategizing how to create more content after Christmas, but until then we’re going to get pretty lean by doing even less posting, using this theme, and shutting off the comments. Until we meet again, here are our friendly end of year tips:

1) Graceful by Seth Godin

This is a really powerful little ebook I got from Kobo Books for like 3 bucks, and it’s an inspiring and magical read. My favorite quote:

Believe in what you do because you may have to do it for a long time before it catches on.

2) The Writer’s Room on IFC

I randomly discovered this show, but it’s so great. Jim Rash talks to members of the writing staff from a bunch of critically acclaimed shows: Breaking Bad, Parks & Rec, New Girl, Game of Thrones and more. They talk at length about how their writers’ rooms operate, how they break stories, and more.

3) Justin Halpern’s tumblr

Justin Halpern is the hilarious authour of Shit my Dad Says, I Suck at Girls, and also what is quite possibly the funniest tweet of all time. He’s working on a new show based on I Suck at Girls and is pulling the curtain way back on the process of putting it together. He writes hilarious and highly educational posts about TV writing, producing and more.