Millennial Workplace Tips to Help Create Meaningful Projects

Being millennials, or close to it in the grey area between Generations X and Y, we often find ourselves reading all about how entitled we should be feeling, how we’re terrible to work with, and how creative we can be in the workplace.

One such article that’s crossed our path recently comes from Fast Company, titled “4 Tips To Help Millenials Find Meaningful Work.”

While it’s a good read about what makes work meaningful, or what makes one place better than another to work at (for any generation, really), I think the tips included in this article apply to creating content. These four tips are from the Fast Company article and I’ve added my own take on them here.

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April Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy logoThis April we challenged ourselves to write every day in the goal of completing a feature-length movie script each. While we both didn’t succeed, the month was a success.

Based on the old Script Frenzy idea from the good folks behind NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month (it’s November), it used to be a similar event in April of each year where they asked writers to craft a 100-page screenplay between April 1 and 30. The event no longer runs in the spring, but Sally pitched it as a good way to finish a couple of our bigger ideas.

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Finding New Ways To Produce And Distribute

Every system has two sets of rules: The rules as they are intended or commonly perceived, and the actual rules (“reality”). In most complex systems, the gap between these two sets of rules is huge. – Paul Buchheit, Applied Philosophy, a.k.a. “Hacking”

The middle-ground of Canadian film and television (and web video), and just about any industry or system, is a fascinating area where innovation lies in wait. While we aren’t going to proclaim ourselves the ones about to change everything that you know, we are interested in exploring what lies in and outside of the rules of producing in Canada.

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