Collaborating on Global Visions

Edmonton is home to Canada’s longest-running documentary film festival.

Global Visions globe logoIt’s gone through a few name changes over the years and this year the Global Visions Film Festival is expanding to show more movies than ever.

This post serves three purposes. The first is to mention that Global Visions begins Thursday, May 8 and is almost definitely going to have something you’d like to see.

The second and third reasons for this post after the jump!

Collaboration is the second thrust of this post. We were privileged to be asked to help screen movies for this year’s Global Visions, which is why I know there are some good ones showing (though the festival has a lot of other documentaries that are purposefully selected and brought to Edmonton). It’s a great opportunity to see some wonderful films and neat to help the committee select some of the movies to be screened.

It was also an opportunity to find a new film festival submission website. A lot of people who have submitted movies to film festivals will be familiar with Withoutabox. It’s probably the industry standard, has a lot of film festivals in its database, and it’s connected to IMDB. Global Visions, however, was asking filmmakers to submit through Film Festival Life this year.

I found the site easy to navigate, well-designed, and it seems like its building up it rosters of festivals (somewhat heavy toward Europe right now). If you’re a film festival submitter poke around the site and let me know if you think it’s got a chance to push Withoutabox from the top of the hill.

Bouncing back to the main point about collaboration, Sally also built their fresh new website. I don’t know if we’ll produce a documentary any time soon, but I bet this work will help us out in some way(s) down the road. If only to remind us to check Film Festival Life when we can’t find a festival on Withoutabox to submit our 192 minute fart-opera to.

And the third reason for this post is self-promotional. Sally will be speaking Friday, May 9 as part of a panel on audience development sponsored by the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society (AMAAS).

Let us know if you check out Global Visions May 8-15. Some of my movie picks are “Mama, I’m Gonna Kill You”, “30 Ghosts”, and the “Local Visions”, which are Alberta shorts.