Fall 2013: Edmonton Film Festivals Abound

The Frolics movie posterLike a lot of cities, Edmonton’s got its share of film festivals.

There’s the big one – the Edmonton International Film Festival, the documentary one – Global Visions – and more specialized festivals like Dreamspeakers and the Jewish Film Festival.

This year, two new additions jump onto the film festival calendar. 

Edmonton Short Film Festival poster

Coming up this Saturday is the Featurette Film Fete, a small, curated festival showing at the Stanley A. Milner branch of the Edmonton Public Library. Highlights include a music documentary on The Frolics (from the local media geniuses at Void Media, also the producers of the festival), and a pop-up picnic in Sir Winston Churchill Square before the movies. (We are happy to say that our web pilot, Startups, will also be showing Saturday night.)

Saturday, October 5, Edmonton will see a short film festival screen at Concordia University College. Always a component of most festivals – there are a number of shorts fests around North America – this is being put on by local production company Groove Soldier. It’s going be a solid couple of hours of short films, webisodes (including our own Startups!), trailers, and other short works of video and film by Edmonton artists.

If the monthly YegFilm meetings are anything to go by, Edmonton’s got a lot of people making such art.

Wedged in between the Featurette and Short Film Festival is the Edmonton International Film Festival, running September 26-October 5.

Hosting artists from around the world, this is where you’ll see everything a film festival can offer, including feature-length movies, shorts, homegrown videos and films, documentaries, Q&As with filmmakers, glitzy premiers, the whole big festival package. There’s also the annual 24/One Challenge, where you and a team of dedicated (and perhaps slightly crazy) folks stay up all night trying to make a short film in just 24 hours. (You have until noon Friday to register a team.)

Looks like a busy few weeks ahead of us for movies in Edmonton. I hope you like popcorn.

And congrats to all of the filmmakers, Edmontonian and from further afield, that will get to see their creations up on big screens.

Update: And there’s more! Saturday night is also a fundraiser for Global Visions, where they’ll be showing Oil Sands Karaoke at Metro Cinema (at The Garneau Thatre).