From the Idea Jar…

Yes, we have decided to make our idea jar a regularly appearing post topic. (Idea Jar #1)

This one has been hanging around for quite some time. And it’s Sally’s favourite.

“We bought a Zune”


So, this is all pretty straightforward. Cameron Crowe made a movie called “We Bought A Zoo” about a single dad who moves his family to a wildlife sanctuary of some sort (I am just going on what I can figure out from the trailer) and it’s Jerry Maguire with zebras. Sally came up with the parody idea of a guy buying a Zune, the inferior (and now defunct) MP3 player for his family.

And Sally always laughs uproariously when this one gets pulled out of the idea jar. I mean, she seriously really loves this one, guys.

Anyway, as tough as this might be for Sally, this idea is now yours to create with. May the Zune be with you.