Net Neutrality For All

anigifGIF above, and the “still loading” modal you likely saw on your first visit to our site today, courtesy of Battle For The Net.

Popping around the Internet today, you may notice quite a few extra “loading” wheels on your favourite websites. And maybe even on your non-favourites too. Today is a day of Internet action, to tell the FCC in the United States that the Internet should remain free, open, and one speed for all.

Even though we may not see the same rules apply here in Canada, we wanted to join the action because what the U.S. chooses to do in a decision like could always end up before our own regulator, the CRTC (which, this week begins its look at television, and content on the Internet). Netflix, YouTube, Buzzfeed, and locally produced, independent movies, shows, videos, and websites should all load as quickly for you as a video or website from cable companies like Bell and Shaw. This is essentially what net neutrality is all about. As content creators, we want to maintain access to our audience, and companies that have lost their gatekeeping access to viewers shouldn’t get to push down the little guy or the startup.

If the Internet remains neutral, as it is today, everything you want to watch, read, and stream should load as fast as your Internet provider can get it onto your screen. If cable and Internet companies can pick and choose what gets to you fastest they will likely charge content providers like Netflix way more money to use their Internet tubes and give their own content a speed or data boost (or, more accurately, leave their content at normal Internet speeds and slow down stuff from competitors or streaming services like YouTube and Rdio).

If you’ve got a few seconds today, click through to one of the many sites backing net neutrality, including those here in Canada like Open Media, and make sure lawmakers and Internet regulators know cat videos should load just as quickly as So, You Think You Can Dance.