Offering Your Help To Others

We are big fans of the Canadian web series Bill and Sons Towing. We’ve mentioned the series before, Sally interviewed one of the creators, and we Facebook and Tweet about the show to our friends and social media circles.

We are such big fans of the show, we offered to do anything we could to help the creators. And you know what, they took us up on that offer.

After enjoying the first season of Bill and Sons we let producer/writers Mark De Angelis and Charles Ketchabaw know we would help them out when season 2 was announced. While we both have some experience producing television and web content, and Sally’s got a wealth of editing and motion graphics skills, we would have been happy to plaster posters or tweet up a storm. We valued the content so much we wanted to ensure it reached an audience.

Lucky for us, Mark and Charles asked us to help them cut a trailer and a pair of promos for the second season (available now via My Damn Channel). Yes, Sally’s skills as an editor came in handy for us on this one (and we got super motion graphics from our good friend Deja Springfield, also a fan of the show). The big takeaway here, however, is to support the things you really care about. If you show some love, you never know when, or how, you will be called upon.

That can mean buying a ticket to a show, purchasing merchandise, seeing a live performance, sharing on social media, and offering any help you can to folks you really believe in. This crazy Internet world we’re living in means you might just get to work with content creators you really respect.

And, if you’re a content creator yourself, perhaps others will do the same for you. Things are going to be way more awesome if we’re collaborating instead of competing.