One Minute Movie

Much in the same way we just started shooting our first short, Sick Day, I jumped into making a one minute movie this summer for the double-deadline of one minute film festivals in Edmonton and Toronto.

This is “One Minute Run”, starring Colin MacIntyre and Colin MacIntyre (heads up, it’s a silent movie):

More about the process after the jump.

Things I learned: Storyboarding works!

Kip and Daredevil helping me out with some storyboarding.

Kip and Daredevil helping me out with some storyboarding.

This might be the first project we’ve worked on where everything was storyboarded before shooting. Granted, only a handful of shots make up the 60-second runtime, but come on! Seriously though, storyboarding definitely helped. It’s probably not real news to anyone who’s done this kind of thing a few times, but I highly recommend it (and will really do it for real from now on).

Lenses are fun (and helpful)

We tried out some new lenses we bought for our prosumer camera (a Canon Vixia). We used both a wide-angle and a zoom lens and you can see both of the kinds of shots in this short movie. You might be surprised to find out how many lenses exist for cameras out there on the wild web. Even if you’ve got an iPhone, you can get more lens options.

Making things is good

It had been a year since we were out shooting Obstacles and man does it feel weird to leave that big a gap in between projects. And, now that we’ve got some lenses to play around with, and a lighting kit, it doesn’t feel right to wait that long again. If you’ve been waiting a while to make something, just get out there make something new. I always forget how great it feels. (And thanks to Sally for giving me a much-needed nudge into getting back behind the camera for this movie.)