The Story:

A woman is forced to confront herĀ fear of heights, specifically one of Edmonton’s many river and ravine spanning bridges. On her way to a friend’s exhibit opening at the Royal Alberta Museum she will have to face her anxiety or miss out supporting her friend.

Obstacles from Geeta on Vimeo.

Our Story:

Written and directed by fellow Yegfilmer Geeta Sehgal, this was an opportunity for us to produce for someone else. In the end Sally ended up doing some editing, motion graphics, and was the 1st AD, and I did some PA work on our first day of shooting. But mostly we just helped Geeta, and cinematographer Curtis Alexander get everything set for the shoot, including securing and organizing locations, insurance, extras, crew, call sheets, shot lists, schedules, and food. Granola bars are the lifeblood of any good film (I think Steven Spielberg first said that). More on what we learned producing the short at our blogpost on the movie.

Obstacles screened as part of Metro Cinema’s season 6 of “Metro Shorts” and aired on ShawTV as part of the “Edmonton Short Film Festival” special.

Obstacles - scared on bridge