Sick Day

Sally on Couch

SICK DAY: Avoiding your job has never been this much work.

 The story:

Frustrated with her job, and just looking for a break from work, Sally decides to call in sick. Alright, it’s not the first time she’s pretended to be sick, but she doesn’t see any other way to deal with the boredom and annoyance of her office.

Looking forward to a lazy day on the couch, this sick day does not unfold as planned.

Sally soon finds herself locked out of her apartment, shoeless, and searching the streets of Edmonton for someone who can help her get back home to her couch. Not finding much sympathy while wandering the city, she’ll discover the difference between temporarily avoiding her problems and actively choosing to solve them.

Our story:

Sick Day was our first attempt at real filmmaking. We go into things in more detail in our blog post about the short, but it was a big learning tool for us.