Underdogs of Comedy

The story:

Edmonton’s got a lot of really funny people. And some of them are performing regularly at a rotation of small venues and pop-up shows. This web series includes sets from 6 of the indie comics. Watch all the episodes by clicking the image below.

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Our story:

After seeing comedians perform at The Underdog (at the Black Dog) and The Empress, we knew there was something kind of special happening in Edmonton’s indie comedy scene. Not only were the comedians really, really funny they were eclectic and the rooms didn’t want the same old jokes that punched down or re-hashed tired tropes (which is also a testament to folks running the shows). If we managed to capture even a small percentage of how amazingly funny all of these comedians are, and how great this growing scene is, we will be very happy.

More on what we learned during the making of the show at our blog post on the series.