Paperwork To Help Productions

While we are by no means experts, we have been asked a couple of times about the various documents and forms we’ve been using on productions such as Startups and Obstacles.

Our secret is to search engine it.

I know, so easy right?! Alright, there is a little bit more to it than that. (But only a little)

Checking out scripts, shot lists, and production schedules on the set of Startups.

We do have a copy of the Women In Film + Television producer’s manual, picked up through the Vancouver chapter of WIFTV, and that does have some templates to use (among other helpful tips and information), but mostly we’ve done some poking around the Internet for shot lists, storyboards, release forms, production schedules, and any other form we may need. These kinds of documents, by the way, have been immensely helpful in keeping things straight before shooting, on set, between shoots, and into post-production.

Once we’ve found a good template on the Internet, we’ll open it in Word or Excel and tweak it to fit our needs. That includes changing production titles, contacts, the various places to input information, and altering wording to suit our (often) simpler needs.

I’ve included a couple of our example templates in this post, so feel free to take a look at them for your own productions, download them, share them, or search engine something better for your needs. The best thing about all this production paperwork is that there are lots of people making movies and videos and a lot of them are sharing these kinds of documents on the web.

Shot List template (spreadsheet)

Script Breakdown template (text document)

Film Budget template (spreadsheet)

Production Schedule template (spreadsheet)

Release Forms: Cast and Crew (text documents)

Just remember to change the name of the producer or we’ll totally sell your movie to some weird cellphone distributor in Japan.

Anybody got any other tips for finding or making productions forms? Do you have any hints at the best places to find them? Have you made your own from scratch? (We attempted that, but totally let the Internet do our work for us.)