Sick Day

When we decided to make the jump into scripted comedy last year, we hit that roadblock a lot of other people hit: we got scared. We didn’t know what to do, how to do it, or if any of it would even work. So, in our own small way of encouraging you to push through your own roadblocks we present our first short – “Sick Day” – which is not all that great, but helped us kickstart a new path and hopefully shows you that the first time out just has to get you started. If you’re hesitating because you don’t think you’ll be good enough or you don’t know what to do, let this movie’s shortcomings be an example of how the first thing you make might not be great but you can get better really quickly, and we’ve all got your back.

So get out there and make the things you’re scared of making!

More about learning from mistakes and making a first thing after the jump.

Sick Day is an unscripted short we produced back in the fall. We wanted to start getting into this whole scripted/movie world and we almost literally jumped up and started shooting Sick Day as a way to break through our uncomfortable feelings and fears. Thankfully, we had a bunch of great friends ready to help, and you’ll see them in the movie and in the credits. I think picking up a camera and just shooting allowed us forget that we were struggling with how to move forward because then we were in the middle of the movie and the momentum helped us finish.

Involving other people also gave us a way to overcome our doubts. It finally made sense to me why so many smart people tell you to share your goals with at least one other person. Once it’s out there in the world you will probably feel a greater sense of urgency to follow through, and you’ll probably also find lots of great supporters and collaborators excited to lend a hand.

We want people to like the movie, of course, but the real reason we’re posting it here on our site is to tell you that you are good enough to do whatever your passion may be. Here now, are a couple of failures we can identify that are going to help us in future projects, and maybe help some other storytelling types too.

First thing we learned for future endeavours: have a script. You may notice that some of the characters’ motivations aren’t always consistent, or the pacing is a bit off. That’s from us shooting without much more than an idea in our heads of how it should look.

Second thing we learned for future endeavours: shooting video and sound is tough. Some of the shots aren’t completely in focus, or the lighting is terrible, and the sound is muddled in one or two spots. We aren’t the most experienced producers yet and making something like this allowed us to get a better handle on just what it is we need to get better at.

The movie’s being posted now that it’s officially been submitted and rejected from film festivals. It’s a little disappointing not to be able to slap some festival laurels on a movie poster but it’s also very exciting to have something to submit to festivals. We aren’t on the big screen yet but we’re in the game.

Thanks for checking out Sick Day! Let us know what you think by sharing your best calling in to work sick stories, and please post links to your first attempt at making something so we can all be encouraged to keep pursuing our passions.