Animation For Film  Create Eye Catching Title Sequences   SkillshareDo you guys know about Hi-5s to to my pal Jess for pointing it out; the reason I think you’ll enjoy it is that while there are lots of interesting classes ranging from technology to entrepreneurship to baking, there are also a lot of specific-to-film-and-video classes like Animation for Film: Creating Eye Catching Title Sequences, starting April 22.  Now, I cannot vouch for how good, bad or otherwise this particular class will be, but come on folks, it’s 20 bucks. I’ve spent 20 dollars on worse things today. And as a former editor and motion-graphics person (you may have seen some of my work in CityTV’s finest Mayfield Toyota ads), I can tell you knowing this stuff – even peripherally – goes a LONG way towards perpetuating the illusion that you know what the hell you’re doing.