Startups: Twitter list

We had an absolute blast shooting Startups over a weekend in January. And we were lucky to land a veritable who’s who of Edmonton to trap in an elevator as our investors. Working on Startups was a breeze with all of these great people involved. They were professional, passionate, and hilarious.

Give them a follow on Twitter so you too can be exposed to their wit, humour, good ideas, and photos of food. 

Click to enlarge (Photo: Adam Roy)


Sally Poulsen – @SallyPoulsen

Jeff Samsonow – @journalistjeff

Deja Springfield – @derjis


Principal Cast

Sandwiches: Trent Wilkie – @thetrentwilkie

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Shoulderpads: Sarah Van Tassel – @sarah_vantassel

Bolo Tie: Chad Brunet – @captainrocket

Headphones: Jibril Yassin – @tricksonme

Flower Purse: Krystal Moss – not on twitter

The Facilitator: Christian Zyp – @Movingradio

Vodka Bar/Kyle: Colin MacIntyre – @thecolinium


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BusinessStart Students

Margaritaville: Jason Malbeuf – @jjbeausoleil

Gluten-Free Cupcake: Sarah Papworth – not on twitter

Cardigan/Dreamboat: Adam Roy – @adamlucienroy

Uncle Maury: Michael Senchuck – @newmusicmichael

Big Glasses: Tess Dehoog – @crabbedapple

80s Bon Jovi: Michael Welsh – not on twitter

Poor Man’s Stallone: Matt Eaton – not on twitter

Sweet Pants: Denise Reichert – not on twitter


Click to enlarge (Photo: Adam Roy)

Networking Event

Bartender: Andy van Popta – ‏ @Andyvanpopta

Savvy Businessman: Lance Corbett – @lanceromance66

Anthony Goertz – @GoertzAnthony

David Odumade – @doppimus

Crystal Solomonson – @latsyrc75


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Owen Brierley – @owen_brierley

Marty Chan – @marty_chan

Michael Janz – @michaeljanz

Karen Unland – @karenunland


Crew (who did not appear on camera)

Click to enlarge (Photo: Adam Roy)

Script Supervisor: Gregg Beever – @GreggBeever

Script Supervisor: Erin Bourne – @Erin_Bourne

Art Director: Geeta Sehgal – @etownearthling

Production Assistant: Jessica Holt – @reileycat


And use the #yegstartups hashtag if you’re tweeting about the show.