Quit while you’re ahead

Some of you guys may have gotten an email from me, earlier this week, explaining that I have chosen to abandon the #yegfilm app I was building:

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It’s just one of a slate of projects I’m putting on ice, in anticipation of a day when I am better suited technically/financially/emotionally to complete them.

It’s obviously not particularly fun to admit you promised something you couldn’t deliver, but it’s also okay to opt-out of a project when you realize it doesn’t fit your time/skills/resources/schedule. Believe me when I say that your creative resources are finite, but replenishable – you need to protect them, you need to rebuild them, and most of all, you need to enjoy them – and getting pinned under something you can’t or don’t want to finish is the quickest way to drain them.

Here’s a few unsolicited words of advice from someone with a long and storied history of quitting. Continue reading

From The Idea Jar…

Here’s what could be a routine post for us, because we love to share and we have an actual jar full of our ideas. The jar:

Idea Jar

Whenever we think of a new idea for a show or a sketch or even something funny or weird that we could use later we write it down and stick it in the jar. Often we will say out loud “Put it in the jar!” The jar is pretty full, so we thought it would be fun to post ideas here. You are encouraged to take one and run with it.

M Night Shymalans

Our first idea from the jar is:

A sketch troupe called the “M. Night Shyamalans.”

The group would always end their sketches with a twist. We thought the pressure to come up with so many twists for all those sketches would certainly cause the troupe’s members stress.

Do with that what you will. And let us know if it gets your creativity flowing.