From The Idea Jar: Startup Babies

Sometimes when we dig into our idea jar we find something we cannot remember coming up with. This is going to be one of those.

Bouncing off Sally’s recent Ladies Aren’t Funny improv class, this could be considered a line to start a scene. Maybe even a good line? Either that, or we were trying to pitch a Muppet Babies-like spin-off for Startups.

The idea is:

“There are no babies in Startups!”

While a quick Google search may seem to challenge that idea (image below), I think I stand by that statement. Anyway, create with that what you will, Internet.

These babies are looking for venture capital.

These babies are looking for venture capital.


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The Startups table read in June 2012. Lots of fun, lots of tea.

We’ve just posted the pilot episode of Startups, which is the first episode of a web series (or webcom*) we began working on last year. Watch it and let us know if you’d be interested in seeing more content like this.

We started writing almost a year ago, and were thinking of shooting all 4 episodes before we decided we still didn’t know enough to pull off a whole series. So, we scaled things back to just the pilot.

Scaling back may mean we don’t ever get to see who wins $10,000 from the investors (spoiler: the scripts are all posted under the “Why Did You Make It” tab on the Startups page) but it allowed us to focus on the writing, acting, production, and editing in more detail. Our goal is to keep learning as we make things, so we can get to a place where we can rip off a whole web series in one shot, or something even bigger, and not worry about everything being out of focus.

Lessons we learned and even more fun after the jump!  Continue reading

Startups: Twitter list

We had an absolute blast shooting Startups over a weekend in January. And we were lucky to land a veritable who’s who of Edmonton to trap in an elevator as our investors. Working on Startups was a breeze with all of these great people involved. They were professional, passionate, and hilarious.

Give them a follow on Twitter so you too can be exposed to their wit, humour, good ideas, and photos of food.  Continue reading

Startups Promo

A pretty ridiculous promo for Startups, featuring the brilliant Matt Eaton.