It’s Alive!

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So, I’m pretty jazzed to announce the Beta launch (translation: soft launch, a.k.a., “it’s brand new so expect a lot of bugs” launch) of the #YegFilm directory app.

This is a project that I’ve had a frustrating, up-and-down relationship with; I finally resigned myself to failure last year, but apparently stubbornness + a brief stint working for WordPress led me to the idea of abandoning the Ruby on Rails version of the app I had built and leveraging WordPress instead.

Yes, now it’s a thing, out there in the internet, and I hope you will give it a try and email me both bugs and feature requests at sally[at] Obviously I will avoid them at first, complaining that it’s your fault because you used it wrong, but eventually, I really will fix and update the functionality.

1) go to

You’ll be greeted by this login window. Click the teeny-tiny Register link in the lower left.

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2) You’ll be prompted to choose a username and input your email.

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3) After you submit your info, check your email. You should (SHOULD, remember, this is a BETA version so your computer might also just burst into flames) receive an email containing your login information.

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4) Now you can click the link in the email, login, and click the “edit my profile” link in the upper-right to put in your information.

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5) Now, just fill out the fields. Leave anything you don’t have blank. It’s easy to overlook some of the fields, so make sure you complete everything, all the way to the bottom of the page.

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6) Now, if I’ve done my job correctly (and let’s be honest, there’s at least a 40% chance that I have not), you should be able to go to the front page of the site and filter all members based on whether they are available for projects, and which skill sets they possess.

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Quit while you’re ahead

Some of you guys may have gotten an email from me, earlier this week, explaining that I have chosen to abandon the #yegfilm app I was building:

Campaign Overview   MailChimp

Click to read

It’s just one of a slate of projects I’m putting on ice, in anticipation of a day when I am better suited technically/financially/emotionally to complete them.

It’s obviously not particularly fun to admit you promised something you couldn’t deliver, but it’s also okay to opt-out of a project when you realize it doesn’t fit your time/skills/resources/schedule. Believe me when I say that your creative resources are finite, but replenishable – you need to protect them, you need to rebuild them, and most of all, you need to enjoy them – and getting pinned under something you can’t or don’t want to finish is the quickest way to drain them.

Here’s a few unsolicited words of advice from someone with a long and storied history of quitting. Continue reading


The Startups table read in June 2012. Lots of fun, lots of tea.

We’ve just posted the pilot episode of Startups, which is the first episode of a web series (or webcom*) we began working on last year. Watch it and let us know if you’d be interested in seeing more content like this.

We started writing almost a year ago, and were thinking of shooting all 4 episodes before we decided we still didn’t know enough to pull off a whole series. So, we scaled things back to just the pilot.

Scaling back may mean we don’t ever get to see who wins $10,000 from the investors (spoiler: the scripts are all posted under the “Why Did You Make It” tab on the Startups page) but it allowed us to focus on the writing, acting, production, and editing in more detail. Our goal is to keep learning as we make things, so we can get to a place where we can rip off a whole web series in one shot, or something even bigger, and not worry about everything being out of focus.

Lessons we learned and even more fun after the jump!  Continue reading