Welcome back, TV eh?

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You know, we were going to write a blog post about TV, eh? last year. We were big fans of their podcast, which talked about Canadian television each week. But then they went and hung it up, riding off into the television sunset. As sad as it was to see them go, we understood pulling the plug on a blog to shift gears.

Good for everyone though (including me needing a blog topic) TV, eh? is rising like a glorious Phoenix. The ashes of TV Guide Canada would be involved in said rising.

Yes, TV, eh?’s return comes on the heels of TV Guide Canada shutting things down. Running online many years after the paper channel guide disappeared from coffee tables across the country, the television giant called it quits earlier this summer. One of the reasons TV, eh? founder Diane Wild felt good about leaving her site last Christmas was the TV Guide Canada could continue to highlight original Canadian programs and produce features and interviews on shows and the people making them here in Canada. But we know how tough traditional media is finding this whole Internet world.

No matter, the valiant Canadian television fans of TV Guide Canada and TV, eh? have joined forces to create a renewed site that looks at all things TV in Canada. The shows on the air (when Canadian networks actually produce one), the people making Canadian TV, and lots of questions about how Canadian networks could produce more and better shows. Or, at least fewer copdoctorlawyer shows (always a plea on the podcast).

If you are a fan of television, TV, eh? is a great resource. Not only do they let you know what’s on tonight, where to find Canadian shows (often they’re better than the networks at doing that), and what is generally up in Canadian TV, they interview folks making television. I only suspect there will be more television journalism coming with the combination of TV Guide Canada’s skilled writers. And I always recommend their podcast.

Oh, and you can still donate to the resurrected TV, eh? at their Indiegogo page. Their site and podcast are up and running again and I bet they’re going to do some real damage with the money they’re raising, especially since they’ll be one of the few spots in Canada’s media landscape constantly focused on television.

Welcome back!